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UPCOMING: Marco the Demon Dude VOL.1 !

by Coireall on 11th Apr 2021, 5:25 PM

What would you do if you got superpowers at 12? Well, when Marco makes a deal with a devil, he gets to find an answer to that question. Superhero. He becomes a superhero. Because of course, he does!

Fellow Corkonian Kevin M. Smith (of Live Wire Comics) has gathered myself and the fantastical artists Ryan Ibbotson and Kame, to give you Ad-Lib Theatre, the first volume of the new comic series Marco The Demon Dude! It's an eighty page volume of four chapters, chronicling the origins of the Demon Dude as he comes to grips with his newfound super-ness, while also having a lot of craic. It's out in May, and you can grab it as an ebook or a book of the paper kind, woop!

I had the honour of collabing with Ryan on Chapter 4, a spooky eight-pager with some darker elements, that'll leave you wanting to know just what's going to happen! I sure am :D

Here are some sneaky grabs of the art that I got to do. It was new territory -- I had to draw a human face!

If you're curious, I'll point you to Live Wire Comics' Facebook, where more news about the launch can be found, and where you can have a look at the team's earlier work. It's an indie group, so if you can, please show your love ;D



End of Chapter 1 + 20k Views + Thank You To My Top Commenters! + A Short Break + Cast Page

by Coireall on 7th Jan 2021, 5:01 PM
...if you survived the title, welcome!!

So this week marks the end of Chapter 1 of Vulgar Vulgar! I don't think I realised just how long it would take to have it all up on the site when I started posting (it's been basically SIX MONTHS). Chapter 2 is almost fully there, allowing for some bits of colour and lettering, and I can't wait for ye to get to read it. I hope ye've brought your clubbing gear ;D

ALSO, on January 6th, Vulgar Vulgar reached 20k views! I don't know if this is a large number in webcomic circles (I don't think it is, actually), but it's a round, shiny number, and it definitely feels like a lot for a comic that's probably quite niche and unmarketable mainstream-wise. So thank you for checking my comic out, or sticking around!

But, bigger thanks to my top commenters for this chapter (in no particular order): r-o-o-t-w-o-o-d, ithidunes, demontales and JCorrachComics. Have some fanart for your respective comics!!

Just because I didn't take a break uploading around Christmas (didn't feel right being so near to the end of the chapter, PLUS it was a way to break up quarantine), Vulgar Vulgar will take a quick break and be back on the 28th of January. College is in (albeit fully online now, thanks to the spike in COVID cases since Christmas), so I'll need some time to reintegrate back into juggling comic-making with my work.

In the meantime, enjoy the new cast page! Because yes, everybody does look the same :D It'll be broken into chapters as a way for folks to refer back to earlier parts of the story.

Okay, 'nuff typing!

There's a Links page now!!

by Coireall on 1st Sep 2020, 4:19 PM

Yep, that's right, just put up a links page!

...including all the places that Vulgar Vulgar can be subscribed to, social media profiles and ways you can support the comic. And the Projector Cat is there too, silently... watching...

But more importantly, recommended webcomics! I'm really conscious that it's a rather small list at the moment. Between making the comic here, prepping for the upcoming semester of college, doing collaborations and (still) setting the website up fully (I'm in the middle of making a cast page which could be going up soon!), I haven't set aside enough time to read more webcomics.

I've been making some time, though, to catch up on the work especially of those who have subscibed here (not only because it's polite, but because interests overlap and I tend to really like them!). So if yours isn't here yet, don't worry, it should be soon, the list isn't super-exclusive or anything. But I also put a little note underneath the list for folks to PM their comics too. If you think I'd like it, no spam though. Usually the weirder and queerer the better! Commenting here is cool too.

See yez on Thursday, then!


Weekly Updates!

by Coireall on 18th Jun 2020, 12:38 PM

Instagram post with cover of webcomic (primarily yellow). Reads: "Vulgar Vulgar, Coireall Carroll Kent, Cover out! Gameplan"Posted 18/06/2020

The first week of Vulgar Vulgar as a webcomic is up, and with that, daily uploads are being toned down to uploads once a week. Every Thursday in fact! Thanks to everyone who's given it a looksie so far. The next page will be up here on Thurs 25th June 2020.

<< Post released a week back on Instagram.

Parody of Twitter logo, yellow bird yelling AAAAAWK!!

Midweek, I set up a TopWebComics page, where you can vote for VV once a day (if you like reading it, that is!), as well as a Twitter (for folks who don't have a ComiFury account or RSS feed reader) where I'll be posting whenever an update comes out. A loooot of that sort of thing has been the brunt of what I've been at this week. Although right now, I'm in the midst of lettering the entirety of Part One too (almost there). And now, I disappear with a poof.

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