A webcomic where everyone's head is a square-based pyramid. Every Thursday!

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by Coireall on 6th Jun 2020, 10:37 AM

Posted 06/06/2020
*Originally up on the homepage, now a blog*

Thanks for your interest in Vulgar Vulgar!

At the moment the site's in development, not to mention the comic itself. I want to fully complete this project before sharing it with you. That'll be soon. In the meantime, go check out either my Tumblr account (featuring the college project which served as a springboard for Vulgar Vulgar) and my Instagram (@coireallcarrollkent) for live updates.

Otherwise, park yourself here or slip in a bookmark. Keep up with the blog if that's your jam. Also check out the teaser-blurb below: this might be just the comic you've been waiting for.

Can't wait to see what you think.
Dromie, the main character, levitating, wrapped in tentacles.  Panels from the sample pages of Vulgar Vulgar on my desk.  A finished comic page of Vulgar Vulgar. Kids running from teenagers, shouting EW.  Panels containing an Ancient Egyptian Eye symbol and the words "loading", "whirr", "Welcome, Verticality Software Inc. Validating Identity..."
Images from Tumblr

Faceless. Speechless. Human?


You don't choose the world you are born into.

Dromie Lorenz has a problem. He can't share it; he can't express it. And it won't go away.

Two generations ago, Verticality assumed control over every life on Earth, modernising every brain to be fully connected to the world's technological landscape. Software exists for food, sleep and schooling. People identify each other using Infrared and voices are sent and received as signals. Gender is Nought or One. Life imitates Boole's Laws of Thought. And everyone's head is a square-based pyramid.

This is the world as Dromie's ancestor envisioned it, even if no one could have predicted the strange physical side-effects of tampering with evolution. The sex is weird and the dreams are weirder. But a drop of Chaos is about to fall. What is it? Dromie? His father? The kids that skip school and paint their heads? And? Or? Not? What is a drop to an ocean anyway?

Dromie Lorenz is human. What will it take for the world to believe him?

Vulgar Vulgar is Abbot's Flatland, if A. Square had kept searching for answers.

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