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There's a Links page now!!

by Coireall on 1st Sep 2020, 4:19 PM

Yep, that's right, just put up a links page!

...including all the places that Vulgar Vulgar can be subscribed to, social media profiles and ways you can support the comic. And the Projector Cat is there too, silently... watching...

But more importantly, recommended webcomics! I'm really conscious that it's a rather small list at the moment. Between making the comic here, prepping for the upcoming semester of college, doing collaborations and (still) setting the website up fully (I'm in the middle of making a cast page which could be going up soon!), I haven't set aside enough time to read more webcomics.

I've been making some time, though, to catch up on the work especially of those who have subscibed here (not only because it's polite, but because interests overlap and I tend to really like them!). So if yours isn't here yet, don't worry, it should be soon, the list isn't super-exclusive or anything. But I also put a little note underneath the list for folks to PM their comics too. If you think I'd like it, no spam though. Usually the weirder and queerer the better! Commenting here is cool too.

See yez on Thursday, then!



JCorrachComics 1st Sep 2020, 9:22 PM
Busy busy busy! I'm looking forward to that case page, I'm so bad with names and it'll be a handy reference when its up :O
and im beyond flattered youve put my work in the comic list there, thank you so much <:>
Coireall 2nd Sep 2020, 12:48 PM
Hehehe, yep, a lot of names and a lot of people who don't look massively different from one another! It's one of the things where I'm like "dang, I should've thought this through more" :'D

And no bother! Trevor's friggin amazing, I couldn't leave it out ^^