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UPCOMING: Marco the Demon Dude VOL.1 !

by Coireall on 11th Apr 2021, 5:25 PM

What would you do if you got superpowers at 12? Well, when Marco makes a deal with a devil, he gets to find an answer to that question. Superhero. He becomes a superhero. Because of course, he does!

Fellow Corkonian Kevin M. Smith (of Live Wire Comics) has gathered myself and the fantastical artists Ryan Ibbotson and Kame, to give you Ad-Lib Theatre, the first volume of the new comic series Marco The Demon Dude! It's an eighty page volume of four chapters, chronicling the origins of the Demon Dude as he comes to grips with his newfound super-ness, while also having a lot of craic. It's out in May, and you can grab it as an ebook or a book of the paper kind, woop!

I had the honour of collabing with Ryan on Chapter 4, a spooky eight-pager with some darker elements, that'll leave you wanting to know just what's going to happen! I sure am :D

Here are some sneaky grabs of the art that I got to do. It was new territory -- I had to draw a human face!

If you're curious, I'll point you to Live Wire Comics' Facebook, where more news about the launch can be found, and where you can have a look at the team's earlier work. It's an indie group, so if you can, please show your love ;D