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NOW LIVE! OPArt Crowdfunding Campaign

by Coireall on 15th Jul 2021, 11:29 AM
OPArt comic anthology now crowdfunding!

The crowdfunding campaign for OPArt: Out of Place Artifacts has just gone live! What is it? What's it all about? It's a collaboration between twelve different creators across two countries, Ireland and Brazil, to come together and create a single artifact: an eighty-page silent comic anthology! I could try to explain the concept, but I think Mari Rolin and Rodrigo Ortiz Vinholo (the masterminds behind the project) have done a far better job than I could:

The anthology’s name was borrowed from the concept around which all stories are centred: "Out of Place Artifacts". The acronym OoPArt refers to artifacts that seem to exist out of their logical place, such as the Antikythera Mechanism or the Nazca Lines. All tales are about one of these completely misplaced objects, and how they affect the lives of those who get in touch with them.

The title is a play on these words, as we are “displacing” authors based in different countries and inviting them to work together. Also, there is the connection with the idea of Op-art, as we are working with the visual arts, even if not exactly with optical illusions. ;-)

All stories are silent on purpose, but supporting text such as introductions and author bio will be published in English and Portuguese. More on these stories below:

1- THE FIND/A DESCOBERTA - Colin O'Mahoney (script) e Luiza Nasser (artist) – An archaeologist discovers an unknown object near an ancient human skeleton, changing her life forever.

2- EXHIBIT/EXPOSIÇÃO - Rodrigo Ortiz Vinholo (script) e Coireall Carroll Kent (artist) – During a museum visit, an artist finds a model of the museum itself hidden away in a secret exhibition, completely altering her perception of reality.

3- RUNED LIVES/VIDAS MARCADAS - Emmet O’Brien (script) e Mari Santtos (artist) – A construction worker unearths a mysterious stone, which leaves a trail of violence on its wake.

4- SWINGIN'/NO BALANÇO - Camila Suzuki (script) e Nene Lonergan (artist) – A social media influencer discovers na amazing antique shop, filled with interesting relics with very questionable origins.

5- AND SHE WAS/E ELA ERA - SC Ormond (script) e Roberta Cirne (artist) – Once upon a time, in an ancient, a Hunter fights a Beast and ends up face to face with another foe: a jukebox.

6- RITUAL - Pedro Hutsch Balboni (script) - Mari Rolin (artist) – A sorcerer casts a dangerous spell, without realising its devastating effects.

If those sound intriguing, I'd highly recommend following this link to the campaign to see if you'd fancy making a pledge (the rewards looks fabulous). The anthology's existence depends on reaching its goal. The campaign is operating through Catarse, which is simply a Kickstarter scenario in Brazil! There are details about pledging internationally here, and be sure to reach out to Mari and Rodrigo to get an idea about shipping to your country (I'm conscious the folks reading here are likely from the US or Canada!).

I've got to say, I always have a blast on collaborations, but this one was really special. I worked with Rodrigo, and his ideas and visual concepts were mind-bending and it really put me to the test. I'm sure I can say the same for the other creators too, who are honestly trailblazers! Thanks for yer support.