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10th Sep 2020, 5:05 PM in 1: We're So Connected It Kills Me
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Author Notes:

Coireall 10th Sep 2020, 5:05 PM
Vague advice from Touman is vague...

So, the last update before the academic year begins here for meself. I can't say I'm feeling totally carefree about it all (for obvious reasons), but it's at least a relief to be back on the road (even if things are going to feel completely different to the extent that it almost feels like I'm a fresher again). With respect to Vulgar Vulgar, I've got a good beefy buffer of finished material to last until the end of this -- what I suppose you'd call -- year, and a good store of pencils for beyond that.

So, bottom line, continuing as normal! The trick's going to be to keep production slow and steadily going throughout term...

Despite this being a basically normal update-day, it feels like a nice moment to say thanks so so so much to everyone who's been reading so far. Thanks for the nice words (or for just providing your eyeballs if you're here, only quietly). I'll see you in another city, I guess?

Otherwise, keep up-to-date via my Instagram.


demontales 10th Sep 2020, 5:52 PM
When the advice about confusion is confusing... I def relate to Dromie.

I like your color choices, they're interesting
Coireall 10th Sep 2020, 11:06 PM
Oh yes, Dromie is an Everyman child with a couple violent tendencies :'D

(Also thanks! Colour's always been... a bit of a work in progress, but VV's a chance to work on it a bit and mess about)
ithidunes 10th Sep 2020, 6:45 PM
Ayyy good luck on the upcoming school year! I hope it goes well :D

That being said, im really glad a poor performance in class never got ME a floating X as a kid 😂 virtual dunce hat..... hang in there Dromie!
Coireall 10th Sep 2020, 11:00 PM
Thank you, that means a lot!! I know, I do not envy any of the folks in VV (there ain't a lot going for them, and half the time I'm like *evilly twiddles mustache* coming up with plot points...)
JCorrachComics 11th Sep 2020, 2:04 PM
Omg, lord knows I've felt like punching a teacher in the past but never had the balls pentahedrons to do it lmao
Coireall 12th Sep 2020, 5:12 PM
Ahhh, comics as a playground for one's wildest dreams! (also loved the pentahedrons, I genuinely laughed aloud) :D