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17th Dec 2020, 5:01 PM in 1: We're So Connected It Kills Me
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Author Notes:

Coireall 17th Dec 2020, 5:01 PM
I try to avoid leaving sentences hanging between pages given the drawn-out nature of webcomics, but we can't all have what we want! Between now and next Thursday, Tavine will just have to remain in suspended animation (and maybe he'll forget what he was going to say and just let Dromie off the hook).

Who knows?

Because Christmas (and generally bad times for artists), I started a thread for makers on ComicFury to link their Etsy/Patreon/etc. for their comics or general practice. Hopefully it'll lead to some leads for people, and help out folks who need last-minute gifts!

I don't have a shop (I'd love one, but that's thinking waaay too far ahead), but the generally bad atmosphere around Brexit (and the creatives it's letting down) was the icing on the cake for this awful year.

Otherwise, keep up-to-date via my Instagram. I haven't been on it for months, though, and it's been sorta nice :D


demontales 17th Dec 2020, 6:17 PM
I wonder if pain registers any different to them due to their modified biology. Sure looks unpleasant there
Coireall 18th Dec 2020, 10:27 AM
That's such a good point -- and one I hadn't actually thought about! There are elements later on that could help point towards an answer to that, as we get further into the workings/history of the cybernetics (and the side-effects from them), but for now I'll just give you a sneaky nod (and lots of italics)