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31st Dec 2020, 5:15 PM in 1: We're So Connected It Kills Me
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Coireall 31st Dec 2020, 5:15 PM
And I can't wait to see out 2020...

This time last year, I think I had just been out for a walk with my family in a nearby wood, probably the hilliest you're going to find anywhere (where somehow the downhill walking takes more energy).

And then we got home, I printed off the first twenty-four of so pages of the first draft of Vulgar Vulgar (four to every A4, so that's a micro-book at A6), filed it unstapled into a sheet of folded yellow card and drew the favicon Verticality Eye on the front. Having slipped it conspiratorially onto my sister's lap for her to read sometime next year (New Year jokes, right), I went off and forgot about it for the rest of the night, watched some disaster movie and rolled my eyes at another kind of catastrophe (RTÉ's New Year's broadcast).

Ah, Jesus, weren't we all so naive, thinking like that...

Not to get all puffed up thinking that I have to say something about progressing from '20 to '21 just because I now have a webcomic which required absolutely no authority to set up, but honestly, I've had some bad years. This was a bad year. I sometimes don't know where the line is between being overly pessimistic and just being real, but the last place I want to have to lie is on a completely, voluntarily-run webcomic site. It wasn't great, lads.

It's one of those things, New Year's thoughts, but x1000. If this year had never happened, I wouldn't have had the time to improve so much in my art (you shouldv'e seen the old stuff, yikes). I was one of those people who Shakespeare'd their pandemic, putting it into a creative outlet that probably wouldn't have been started otherwise. And that's been so, so good.

Of course, that meant I was NOT one of those people who took this year to chill, and just be. Or catch up with long-ghosted friends (instead, it was the beginning of a new era of ghosting on my part).

If this year hadn't played out like it did, while I mightn't have had this webcomic, I might have, y'know, lived. Gotten my license, seen Estonia...

...oh, your Medieval Faire...

There's no point thinking about the past too much, but this New Year's of all times, it feels okay to do that for a few minutes. Don't be hard on yerselves.

Anyyywayyyy, I'm gonna go play some Dino Run before Flash goes extinct...!


ithidunes 2nd Jan 2021, 8:52 PM

This year has definitely been a weird one, I'm in with ya for that boat :') Its so strange to think of how things were planned and how they turned out in the end, from so wildly left of a field. But I'm glad that you did start this comic here! Its a delight to read and unexpected in its own ways, I'm excited to be along for the ride at least :D

And I'm holding hope that, like all long winters (metaphorical or otherwise lol), the spring will come soon and recovery can start again.

Here's to 2021~ We'll keep fingers crossed for a better round! ^^
Coireall 3rd Jan 2021, 12:17 AM
I'm gonna get mushy, but it's totally been worth it just to see the amount of stunning work being put out by people on comicfury (yerself included!). I still get blown away BIG TIME, and can barely keep up with the amount of things I've subbed to, which is getting to be a problem!

Dang, with you there about things hopefully being on the up -- it's hard to see past all the gloomy newsbites, but it feels good, there's progress happening :'D

(also looking forward to being able to wear t-shirts again, that's for sure!)
The Snokker 3rd Jan 2021, 9:32 PM
The Snokker
God, this guy makes me so uncomfortable. Seriously hoping Lorenz will be okay. This is an amazing story and I'm absolutely hooked, keep up the good work!
Coireall 3rd Jan 2021, 11:39 PM
I KNOW, I get a bit freaked out writing Tavine's parts (it's definitely a step outside the ol' comfort zone). Thank you for reading so far!!
demontales 5th Jan 2021, 1:08 AM
"I sometimes don't know where the line is between being overly pessimistic and just being real" This really resonates!
Also your comic is really fun, beautiful, and original. Thank you for sharing it :)

Coireall 5th Jan 2021, 12:50 PM
Yess, it felt like a good thing to mention, not that it's brilliant to take too much stock of how bad things are, but more the classic notion of not being under pressure to be positive!

(Also ty, that means a lot -- I love making it and putting it out there :'D )