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Part II: Strange Attractors

28th Jan 2021, 5:00 PM in 2: Strange Attractors
Part II: Strange Attractors
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Author Notes:

Coireall 28th Jan 2021, 5:00 PM
Chapter Two begins!

All comic-booky and official looking, oh yes. I think this is good for one week, because I remember being at it for a good while. If you haven't had a look at Part I, I'd recommend heading back? I guess? Doesn't clear much up, mind! :D

I finally took the plunge this week to convert my site to HTML, so I could add the little support banner at the top of the page (scary!). I've been meaning to release 0.5 Hertz for a good while, and the end/beginning of a chapter felt like a good time. So, if you'd like to support VV and want a mini graphic short story (and have the means, that is), give it a click!


demontales 30th Jan 2021, 1:01 AM
Bold cover! I like it
Coireall 30th Jan 2021, 11:57 AM
Ahahahah, thanks!! I've been getting a few digital painting briefs at uni, why not use that knowledge for disturbing artwork :'D