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Work Experience

20th May 2021, 5:02 PM in 2: Strange Attractors
Work Experience
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Coireall 20th May 2021, 5:02 PM
SHOUTOUT: Marco the Demon Dude, a fantastic, 80-page, big-punch, indie comic is officially being released this Saturday, May 22nd! I had to honour of contributing 8 pages of art for Chapter 2, Phantom Power. The cover for that chapter (and the three other chapter covers) was kindly drawn by Ryan Ibbotson, who illustrates the bulk of the book!

Manga isn't my strong point, but I loved every minute, and the book as a whole looks gorgeous. Kev's Gumroad has links for physical and digital copies.



I loved my work experience module back in the day -- it was at a tree centre near my mother's birth home, just for a week. I distinctly remember my first task being to clean out the owner's prefab office, which was jam-packed with an ungodly amount of stuff. Pitstops in the middle of a burst of cleaning involved mandatory reading on trees (the title depended on what books I found in the masses of junk).

As for the actual tree business, I definitely had a spell in the forests. Regardless of actually getting any valuable work done, I did slice my finger open trying to cut netting from a hornbeam, so I did have something to show for it all at the end! To be fair, I think I did get a shrub after the week as payment, which, can I say, is a nice touch.